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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It's all about the balance sheet, the balance sheet, the balance sheet!

What can you say? I have concluded that requiring the recording of leases on the books of the lessee is what the new pronouncement is all about. In general, requiring the recording of legal obligations and attendant rights is what has been accomplished. To be sure, it will change the look and feel of many a balance sheet on the lessee side of the equation. That is a big deal! Not so much on the lessor side. It is more than a question of cosmetics when liabilities hit the balance sheet that were previously never shown. On the lessee side again, the operating statement is changed very little if you look at the net Profit impact. PAMS-DCF is very well suited to computing present values and amortization schedules for recorded leases. PAMS will handle complex flows and create permanent records that can be introduced into its portfolio capabilities to create a composite rate and amortization schedule for each reporting period and be easily updated as new lease transactions are added. You would have to set up a portfolio for operating leases and one for finance leases due to the differences in Profit reporting, but that is simple enough to do. We can provide one time or ongoing service and reports in both hard copy and EXCEL file formats without the need to acquire the system or learn it. We would prepare booking entries, monthly amortization and balance sheet balances, monthly amortization expenses, interest expenses,  individually or in a composite portfolio format. Give us a shout and make your life a bit easier. We need the work.

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